Commercial Umbrella Insurance in MD, VA, PA & WV

Designed to supplement your existing business insurance, commercial umbrella insurance is an additional layer of protection for your business. We work to help you find the right solution to meet all your business needs.

Most business insurance policies—both commercial liability and commercial property—have payout limits. This means that, if your business experiences a loss or disaster that costs more than these payout limits, you’re on the hook for any expenses over that limit. This type of unexpected expense could threaten the very survival of your business.

If you have a commercial umbrella insurance policy, it will kick in if your main business insurance policy reaches the payout limit. Your umbrella policy will then pay the remaining costs.

Say you have a liability insurance policy of $500,000, but you experience a claim that will cost $700,000. Without a commercial umbrella policy, you’re responsible for paying $200,000 of those costs. But if you’ve got an umbrella policy, you won’t pay anything.

And, because there’s a relatively low chance that your commercial umbrella insurance policy will need to pay out, your premiums are likely to be less expensive than you may think.

Give your business assets the protection they deserve with commercial umbrella insurance from Antietam Insurance. Our team of business insurance professionals can help you design a custom policy that meets your needs. Call today for a quote!

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Antietam Insurance Associates, Inc. offers comprehensive commercial umbrella insurance in Hagerstown and Boonsboro, Maryland and in Martinsburg, Falling Waters and Inwood, West Virginia ; also throughout Pennsylvania, including Greencastle, Waynesboro, Chambersburg and Mercersburg.