Flood Insurance in MD, VA, WV, & PA

Just because you don’t live in a high flood risk area, doesn’t mean it’ll never happen to you. We’ll provide the specialized coverage you need to help protect your home from rising waters – even if you’re not in a flood zone.

Most home insurance policies do not cover flood damage. This leads some people to believe it is not truly necessary. But if you’re not covered for this catastrophic event, you could face major financial losses. 

The truth is, floods don’t only occur in designated flood zones. High amounts of rain, poor gutter drainage, and foundational issues mean that every home is at risk. 

If you are hit by flooding, you could lose many of your personal possessions, face major reconstruction work, and be left homeless for months. That’s not to mention any injuries or health risks that also occur. 

Don’t get caught underwater. Be proactive, with comprehensive flood insurance from Antietam Insurance! We are proud to offer individualized personal insurance plans to residents in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. 

As an independent insurance agency, we work for you, not the major corporations. We work closely with our clients and offer the power of choice from top-rated national and regional insurance carriers.

Antietam Insurance has over 100 combined years of experience in the business. Our friendly agents are ready to help you prepare for the unexpected. 

Keep your home, your family, and your finances safe from floods, with Antietam Insurance. Call now to learn more!

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Antietam Insurance Associates, Inc. offers comprehensive flood insurance in Hagerstown and Boonsboro, Maryland and in Martinsburg, Falling Waters and Inwood, West Virginia ; also throughout Pennsylvania, including Greencastle, Waynesboro, Chambersburg and Mercersburg.